Other Ways to Help

While contributing data to the Firefly Atlas is a great way to help researchers learn more about fireflies, it’s not the only way to support firefly conservation efforts! Here are some simple actions you can take today:

  • Provide habitat! Set aside a part of your yard or garden where things can get a little wild.
    • Include a variety of native plants, from grasses and forbs to shrubs and trees
    • Leave the leaves and mow less frequently
  • Avoid pesticide use, which can kill fireflies and their prey or degrade habitat
  • Turn off your outdoor lights at night, especially during the summer firefly season, or make your lighting more firefly-friendly by utilizing dimmers, motion detectors, or timers to limit the extent and duration of nighttime light
  • Check out other firefly community science projects 
  • Spread the word and let others know about fireflies and their needs
  • Donate to the Xerces Society, which is working to conserve fireflies and their habitats


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This is a project of the Xerces Society, working in collaboration with the IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group and New Mexico BioPark Society.

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