Field Guides and Resources

A number of firefly ID guides and other resources have become available in the last decade. We’ve shared a few of our favorites here, as well as some more in-depth taxonomic keys for folks who want more technical resources. Note that firefly taxonomy and knowledge is ever-evolving, so you may find some inconsistencies between sources. For conservation guidance and information on the state of fireflies more broadly, check out the Xerces Society’s series of firefly publications.

Field Guides and General Information

Identification Keys

Firefly abundance monitoring guidelines

In 2024, members of the Firefly Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission compiled a document of protocols and guidelines for measuring the index of abundance in firefly populations. This is a living document that is expected to be revised and built upon in the coming years.

Protocols and Guidelines for Measuring Indices of Abundance in Firefly Populations

Xerces Society Publications

The Xerces Society, Albuquerque BioPark, and members of the IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group have compiled a series of publications focused on the conservation status of fireflies, their life history needs, threats to their persistence, and recommendations on how to protect them and their habitats.


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