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The Firefly Atlas is a Xerces Society project, working in collaboration with the IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group and New Mexico BioPark Society.

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

The Xerces Society protects the natural world by conserving invertebrates and their habitat. Established in 1971, the Society is a trusted source for science-based information and advice and plays a leading role in protecting pollinators and many other invertebrates. Our team draws together experts from the fields of habitat restoration, entomology, plant ecology, education, pesticides, farming, and conservation biology with a single passion: Protecting the life that sustains us.


New Mexico BioPark Society

The New Mexico BioPark Society (NMBPS) is the support organization for the ABQ BioPark Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden, and Tingley Beach. Through captive breeding programs, habitat restoration initiatives, and seed banking, ABQ BioPark is committed to building sustainable conservation initiatives that benefit New Mexico and the world. These conservation efforts are supported by The Center for Species Survival New Mexico (CSS New Mexico) at NMPBS. Established in 2018, the CSS New Mexico supports strategic species conservation in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC). Through the Assess-Plan-Act framework, the CSS New Mexico uses tools like the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species to produce critical baseline data that guides conservation planning and action for fishes, plants, and invertebrates.

IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group

Established in 2018, the IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group works to identify key threats and conservation issues facing fireflies in different geographic regions, and advocates for the most threatened species at national and global levels.


This project is funded by the BAND Foundation.


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This is a project of the Xerces Society, working in collaboration with the IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group and New Mexico BioPark Society.

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