Focal Species

The Firefly Atlas was created to gather detailed distribution data on threatened and data deficient species in North America. Given the large number of threatened and data deficient taxa and the difficulties in accurately identifying many of them, we are prioritizing efforts for 13 species of conservation concern that can be reliably identified in the field or with non-specimen evidence (photos, videos, or measurements of flash patterns coupled with habitat, location, and timing information). These 13 species occur primarily in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the United States. To learn more about these focal species and determine if they are known or suspected to occur in your area, check out the species profiles below. 

A firefly (Bicellonycha wickershamorum)
Southwest spring firefly
Bicellonycha wickershamorum
Photo: Scott Cylwick
A firefly (Ellychnia bivulnerus)
Twice-wounded firefly
Ellychnia bivulnerus
Photo: Mike Quinn
A firefly (Lucidota luteicollis)
Florida scrub dark firefly
Lucidota luteicollis
Photo: Brandon Woo
A firefly (Micronaspis floridana)
Florida intertidal firefly
Micronaspis floridana
Photo: Drew Fulton
A firefly (Photinus knulli)
Southwest synchronous firefly
Photinus knulli
Photo: Arthur V. Evans
A firefly (Photuris bethaniensis)
Bethany Beach firefly
Photuris bethaniensis
Photo: Christopher M. Heckscher
A firefly (Photuris flavicollis)
Sky island firefly
Photuris flavicollis
Photo: Oscar Johnson
A firefly (Photuris forresti)
Loopy five firefly
Photuris forresti
Photo: Lynn Faust
A firefly (Photuris mysticalampas)
Mysterious lantern firefly
Photuris mysticalampas
Photo: Christopher M. Heckscher
Salt marsh firefly
Photuris salina
Photo: Richard Joyce
A firefly (Photuris walldoxeyi)
Cypress firefly
Photuris walldoxeyi
Photo: Luiz Silveira
Ant-loving scrub firefly
Pleotomodes needhami
Photo: Richard Joyce/Xerces
A firefly (Pyractomena ecostata)
Keel-necked firefly
Pyractomena ecostata
Photo: Joe MDO/iNaturalist


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